Feedback Needed for Guiding Framework

The History Relevance Initiative is working on a new guiding framework to help history organizations and departments ensure their public work is more relevant. As we did with the Value of History statement, we are going to the field for feedback. Please review the Six Qualities of a Relevant History Experience draft and offer your thoughts through a short, six-question survey. The final product will also be developed as a rubric.  We value your input. Thank you.

History Relevance Spring 2018 Update

It's been a busy year for History Relevance (so busy we haven't been updating our news section)! Here's just some of what's happened recently:

  • We've reached 260 endorsers of the "Value of History" statement! That includes the state historical society (or their equivalent) in 33 of 50 states!
  • Our steering committee met again in Washington D.C., providing History Relevance with renewed focus and enthusiasm. We developed plans for overhauling our toolkit, recruiting new endorsers, and even developed a new purpose statement:

History Relevance promotes a shared language, tools, and strategies to mobilize history organizations in the United States around the relevance and value of history. We support history organizations that encourage the public to use historical thinking skills to actively engage with and address contemporary issues and to value history for its relevance to modern life.

  • History Relevance will also begin offering webinars, in conjunction with the American Association for State and Local History, highlighting how institutions around the country have put made history relevant. Stay tuned for more information soon!
  • Finally, as you may have noticed, we also made some major updates to our website.

We expect the next few months to continue to be busy, so stay tuned for further updates!