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As part of the History Relevance Campaign, we are continually seeking model programs that show how history is relevant to modern life and use historical thinking skills to actively engage with and address contemporary issues. We are particularly interested in projects, events, programs, and other activities that have been evaluated from the visitors’ perspective and go beyond measuring attendance, income, or satisfaction.  If you would like to nominate a project (either your own or someone else's), please complete this short online survey.

Download our own Impact Framework Summary for information regarding how History Relevance has impacted history educators, the K-20 education community, funders and more. 



As a result of collecting information about history organizations that are making an impact the following outcomes will be achieved:

  • Every Governor will have at least one example of history organizations that are making an impact in their state

  • Board members and staff will learn how to make an impact in their communities

  • Board members and staff will learn how to integrate best practices for making an impact into their strategic and interpretive plans

  • Board members and staff will adopt practical models of success for making an impact through history in their communities

  • AAM and AASLH will include standards that address making an impact in their communities

  • Museum studies, history programs and public history programs will include the topic of making an impact in their curriculum

  • Elected officials, funders and communities will provide more support for history organizations

  • There will be an increase in healthier communities where diverse people come together using history as one of many vehicles to improve critical needs 


  • Use the interview guide to collect information from museums who are making an impact and measure their progress

  • Provide a summary of the data organized by state for museums to use with their Governors and other officials

  • Based on the data collected, provide best practices for museums who want to make an impact on their communities

  • Provide training on best practices for museum boards, staff and community members

  • Incorporate best practices into standards for AAM and AASLH


Interested in Conducting an Interview?

If you are interested in conducting an interview for the Impact Project, please contact: 

Conny Graft:, (757) 870-9726

Max van Balgooy:, (301) 412-7940