Below are action items your institution can use to promote history relevance.  


Develop an action plan for promoting the value of history internally.

A. Promote this effort among staff and board to secure institutional buy-in.

B. Launch a periodic discussion for staff about the value of history.

C. Ask board members to share personal stories about how and why they value history.

D. Focus on history relevance during your next strategic planning session.

E. 2017 Priority: Tweak mission, collections policy, programming goals, outreach initiatives around VOH.

Develop messaging around relevance and your institution's impact. 




A. 2017 Priority: Send a message to your membership about the value of history.

B. 2017 Priority: Start a blog on your institution's website.

C. Write an op-ed for the local newspaper.

D. Incorporate the value of history into fundraising appeals.

E. Incorporate the value of history into funding proposals. 

F. Explore ways your organization can demonstrate impact and relevance to stakeholders. 

Core Tools You Can Use Within Your Institution. 

  • Examples of programs that integrate the values statement and overall goals of the movement

    • Eighth grade students from Washington state create history app

  • Interview with AHA Executive Director, Jim Grossman

  • Guide for traditional and and social media

  • Sample op-eds

  • Sample institutional blogs

  • Sample messages to membership

  • Sample discussion topics for staff and board engagement around the value of history

  •  Strategies for positioning history relevance as an institutional goal

    • Example: because it was inspired by the Value of History statement, the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission refashioned its annual report to emphasize relevance

  • Guidance for designing evaluation into programs and initiatives

  • Advocacy with local government

    • Example of how the Hopewell Museum uses the Value of History Statement as a form of advocacy

Video Resource: History is Essential by the Indiana Historical Society (see below)