Learn about history relevance and help build awareness.

A. Download the Value of History Statement for Easy Sharing

B. Recruit organizations to endorse the Value of History Statement

C. Contribute your talents to an HRC task force

D. Join the HRC on LinkedInTwitter or Instagram and amp up the conversation!

Promote History Relevance Among Your Friends, Family, Associates and Colleagues. 

A. Prepare your “elevator speech” about why history matters—and try it on friends and family!

B. Send periodic social media messages about the importance and relevance of history.

C. Craft a blog post for the HRC website or for other websites

D. Find a niche that invokes your passion and fits your schedule. 

Core Tools You Can Use:

  1. The Value of History Statement
  2. Examples of the Value Statement in action
  3. HRC Impact Statement* 
  4. Evidence that demonstrates the value of history
  5. Impact Project rationale and incoming results
  6. Inspirational/motivational pieces from success stories
  7. List of endorsing organizations
  8. Bibliography on the Impact of Historic Sites and Museums*
  9. AHA Tuning Project is an effort to describe the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind that students develop in history courses and degree programs.
  10. AHA’s “Everything Has a History” gives examples of the crucial role of historical thinking in public life.
  11. The "Value History!" chart describes how history informs our personal, civic, and professional lives.