Below are 10 ways you can apply the Value of History Statement your everyday life as well as within your organization:

1. Use the Value of History statement to inform your own understanding of history's relevance.

2. Seek formal endorsement of the Value of History statement by your organization.

3. Commit to and incorporate these Values into your institutional planning, programming, and advancement activities. 

4. Communicate these Values to your elected officials, funders, and your stakeholders. 

5. Convene a work group in your city/county/state community to discuss how the Value of history statement can inform or provide a framework for future collaborations. 

6. Educate business leaders and funders about the Value of History statement and identify opportunities to bring collective resources to bear on community needs. 

7. Engage underserved communities to understand their perspective on the Values document and adapt accordingly.

8. Integrate the Value of history statement into your work across the history, education, business, and funding sectors.

9. Evaluate your impact and share your success stories at local, regional, and national venues.

10. Stay in touch with the History Relevance Campaign movement by visiting and adding a link to your website ( or by starting a conversation on the History Relevance Campaign LinkedIn group and let us know how you have applied the Value of History statement.